1. Postgraduate students can gain the points by participating in activities confirmed by Student Resources Section (SRS), each activity will be assigned specific PGH Point(s) by SRS. Attendance will only be recorded when Postgraduate students register by presenting student cards during activities. SRS decides the number of PGH Points based on the duration, nature and importance of the activities.

2. SRS may give PGH point(s) as a reward to Postgraduate students who make positive contribution to UM or PGH community. The specific points will be determined by SRS.

  • Warning letter

Postgraduate students who receive a warning letter for breaking the resident rules or committing a disciplinary offence at PGH will lose PGH points accordingly at the same time (Please refer to the below table).

Disciplinary Case TypePoints deducted
Bringing visitor into PGH during non-visiting hours without  prior  approved  application from the Management Company/ SRS-15
Entering floors of PGH rooms of the opposite sex during non-visiting hours-15
Lending room keycard / access card to non-PGH resident-15
Lighting Fire in PGH-15
Commercial activities in PGH residential area, except with prior approval or assigned by the University-15
Late Application of bed-space-15
Behaviors that jeopardize other residents’ personal and property safety-15
Behaviors that severely affect the normal operation and order of the PGH-15
Making false alarm from cooking smoke or steam-15
Bringing visitor without applying visitor pass or without  prior  approved  application from the Management Company/ SRS-15
Smoking in PGH-10
Making noise or behaviors that cause harassment for other PGH residents-10
Improper use of pantry (including but not limited to having hotpot in pantry)-10
Illegal occupation bed space-10
Untidiness in room-10
Throwing objects out into the air-10
Duplicating room cards/ keys without official authorization-10
Damaging public facilities or the appearance (exterior and interior) and integrality of the rooms (including but not limited to dirtying, writing, drawing, drilling holes, putting nail or posting any items on the wall) or altering their functions-10
Moving, exchanging or damaging the furniture or equipment in rooms or public areas  (including  but  not  limited  to  dirtying,  writing,  drawing,  drilling  holes,  putting nail or posting any items on the furniture) or altering their functions-10
Bringing pets into or keeping pets in PGH-5
Unauthorized occupation of public areas-5
Drinking or possession of alcohol or alcohol content beverages in PGH, except with prior written approval-5
Entering  facility/  equipment  room,  opening  facility/  equipment  control  box  or  adjusting facility/ equipment without official authorization-5
Improper use of washing machine or dryer (including but not limited to putting shoes inside washing machine or dryer)-5
Unclosed windows during Typhoon-5
Improper treatment of garbage-5
Not settling residence fees, required fees or penalty before payment deadline-5
Absent from the disciplinary meeting without a justified reason-5
Other disciplinary case Upon the decision of Head of SRS
  • Other deduction of PGH Points New!
ItemPoints Deducted
Absence from the activities with PGH Points without a justified reasonSpecified according to the PGH Point value of the activity

1) PGH Single room / Suite allocation process:

  • Priority of single room allocation will be given to PhD applicants first, and single rooms will be allocated to eligible applicants according to the sequence of PGH Points. When there are insufficient number of available rooms and equal points occur, it will be decided by a lucky draw.
  • Students who successfully applied for a single room and completed room change procedure will have their PGH POINTs deducted. The method of deduction shall be subjected to the announcement of actual application.
  • The schedule of single room applications (3 times every year) is generally shown in the table below. The specific date will be subject to the announcement in due course.
Single room applications in an academic yearAccommodation period PGH Point calculation period for single room applicationPGH Point will be reduced? (If applicant didn’t apply or failed to apply single room)
Aug/SeptChange roomOct – May (total 8 months)Apr – Aug (around 5 months)No (PGH Points continue accumulating)
JanChange roomFeb – May (total 4 months)Sept – Dec last year (around 4 months)No (PGH Points continue accumulating)
Mar/AprApplication for summer and next semester in new AYJun/Aug – May next year (total 12/10 months)Apr last year – Apr this year (around 12 months)Yes (All PGH Points will be cleared to zero annually)

2) Allocation of bed spaces:

In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of available Share Room bed spaces of the semester, the PGH point balance will be considered as a reference of prioritize the allocation of bed space.

3) Priority to participate in the activities held by SRS. (The eligible students will receive an advance notice.) 

4) Priority to collect PGH/ UM souvenirs. (The eligible students will receive an advance notice.)

1) PGH Point is managed by the SRS. Except for the activities of RTO, PGH Point applications of other units’ activities can only be considered case by case.

2) Each Postgraduate student will be granted a specific number of PGH Points (2 – 10 points) only after s/he attends on time and achieves the minimum required participation hours of the designated activities.

3) For those who do not respect the activity or neglect the staff’s guidance, SRS reserves the right to cancel his/her PGH Point(s).

4) The points will be uploaded to the system within 15 working days after an activity and students may check their PGH Points by logging in https://isw.um.edu.mo/housing/login/login for self-service enquiry. If students have any doubt on the points of an activity, students may submit their appeal to SRS within 30 working days after the activity day. Otherwise, no appeal will be accepted afterward (The appeal period of the activity which was held one month prior to the room application / change room application period will be notified separately.

5) PGH Point could not be interchanged/exchanged/transferred among students.

6) All PGH Points will be planned to reset in April of each year. The actual reset date is subjected to the actual announcement.

7) The activities with PGH Point will be announced through PGH Weekly Updates or Student E-bulletin.

8) SRS reserves the right to explain and revise the scheme without prior notice.