Resident Students can gain the points by participate in UM or PGH activities, each activity will be assigned a specific point by SRS. Besides, students who make positive contribution to our UM or PGH community will be given PGH point(s) as a reward.

Students only need to register by using student cards during the activities then attendance will be recorded.

Students will have points deducted if he/she break the resident rules or commit a disciplinary offence.

  • 1 warning letter – Lose 30 points

When students receive a warning letter, s/he will lose 30 PGH points at the same time.

[NOTE!] Warning letter will NOT be cancelled by gaining PGH points. A resident who receives 3 warning letters within 2 consecutive semesters will be evicted immediately.

  • PGH Single room / Suite allocation process:

In every PGH Point lucky draw of the semester, we will pick up a specific number of the applicants according the number of vacant single room / suite bed spaces. The applicants who are randomly selected will be given an extra point – 10 PGH points. The higher PGH point the applicants gain in their category, the higher priority for single room / suite assignment will be given.

  • The single room will be allocated separately according to the ratio of master and PhD residents in PGH.
  • PGH point cut-off date – The day before the starting day of Change of PGH Room Application / PGH Accommodation Application.
  • Allocation of bed spaces:

In case the number of applicants exceeds the number of available Share Room bed spaces of the semester, the PGH point will be considered as a reference standard.

  •  Priority to participate in the activities held by SRS. (Student Resources Section). (The eligible students will receive advance notice.) 
  • Priority to collect PGH/ UM souvenirs. (The eligible students will receive advance notice.)
  • Each student will be granted a specific number of PGH Point (3 – 10 points) only after s/he attends on time and achieves the minimum required participation hours of the designated activities.
  • The number of PGH Point granted in each activity will be decided by Student Resources Section (SRS) according to the duration, nature and importance of the activities.
  • Students may start to check their PGH Point 15 working days after an activity at Student housing office (S3, G/F, Room G002).
  • PGH Point could not be interchanged/exchanged/transferred among students.
  • After the Application period of Accommodation Application for next semester, the PGH point of all PGH residents shall be reverted to zero. However, the PGH point may not be reverted if any student’s final total is under zero.
  • The activities with PGH Point will be announced through PGH Weekly Updates.
  • SRS reserves the right to explain and revise the programme without prior notice.