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Postgraduate House S1, S2, S3 , S4 & W32, University of Macau, Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau

  • PGH Application procedure

Please refer to the Postgraduate House Online Application Procedures. For accommodation priority, please refer to UM Postgraduate House Accommodation Application Approval Guidelines
* Only E-form application will be accepted during the mass application period for PGH.

  • Authorization form

If you are unable to perform PGH procedure in person, you may authorize other to handle (limited to particular procedures). For details, please contact the Management Company.

Authorization Form.

  • Move-in Procedure

A Postgraduate House Move-in Form must be filled out when moving-in at the Postgraduate House. For details, please refer to PGH Move-in Procedure

  • Move-out Procedure

A Postgraduate House Move-out Form must be filled when moving-out from the Postgraduate House. Students must reserve the move-out procedure at the Management Company at least three (3) days before the move-out date, if not, a handling fee of MOP500 will be charged. Receipt will be issued by the Management Company after the appointment made (Please keep it for further reference). For example, if a student would like to move out on 31 Jul, s/he shall make the reservation via the Management Company on/before 28 Jul. For details, please refer to PGH Move-out Procedure.

  • Change Room Procedure

A Postgraduate House Change Room Form must be filled when changing room in the Postgraduate House. Students must reserve the change room procedure at the Management Company at least three (3) days before the change room date. For details, please refer to PGH Change Room Procedure.

Documents for Bank Account Opening

Local Students Permanent Macau ID or;
Non-permanent Macau ID (please present other valid ID as well) or;
Passport of Portugal
  • Admission Letter or Student ID Card
  • Habitual Residential Address Proof (e.g. Student Hostel of Residence Proof issued by the University)
Hong Kong Students Hong Kong Permanent ID
Mainland China Students ID & Valid Exit-Entry Permit to Hong Kong & Macau or ID & Passport
Taiwan or Overseas Students Passport

If something(s) in your room is in need of repair, plese make your request(s) through the online Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) of the Campus Management and Development Office.

Mailing Address Example
Receiver’s Name (Your Full Name)

Room XXXX (Your Room Number)

Postgraduate House SX (Your Building Number)

University of Macau, SX (Your Building Number)

Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China