About Choir

Established in 2004, University of Macau Choir (UM Choir) aims to enrich the music culture in UM, to promote chorus music, and to provide high-quality music performance for all UM members. At present, UM Choir has around 80 student members from different faculties. We hold at least two concerts annually and actively perform in the University events and ceremonies. UM Choir has been under the direction of Mr. Lo Pui Kwan since 2007.

Founded for more than ten years, UM choir has played an important role in promoting music in the campus. Besides organizing regular concerts in the campus, it has also cooperated with other domestic and oversea choirs. In 2009, UM Choir and “Macau Voice” performed the work of the Baroque musician Marc-Antoine Charpentier.  In May 2012, being invited by the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR, UM Choir performed in the “A Night of Fantasy – Anime and Video Game Music”, cooperating with “Macau Voice” and “The Macao Orchestra”. In May 2013, we were invited to perform in the “Perfect Harmony” which was one of the concerts targeting Macao citizens and sponsored by the Macao Foundation.

What’s more, UM Choir endeavors to introduce the University of Macau to the world through oversea visitations and exchanges. It has been invited to visit various countries and regions in East and South-East Asia including Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Penang in Malaysia and Shanghai (Expo 2010 Shanghai China – Shanghai World Expo Music Festival). In October 2010, UM choir was invited to visit the Peking University, exchanged and performed with the Peking University Choir. In December 2012, UM Choir participated in the performance of “Beethoven Symphony 9” in Hong Kong jointly with Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra. In December 2013, our members visited the Yang-ming University & Chengchi University in Taiwan and held a joint concert. “Beethoven Symphony No. 9”, presented at Bangkok Rangsit University, and the “8th International Choir Festival Grand Prix Pattaya” with winning a Silver Medal in the Category (Chamber Choirs) in this Competition. In November 2015, we participated in the IFCM World Choral Expo, and won a Gold Medal. In October 2018, UM Choir was the first Macau high school and troupe to perform at the National Centre for the performing arts for Beijing International choral festival. In May 2021, UM Choir participated in the “6th National College Arts Exhibition” in Sichuan, China with winning a First Prize.

Contact Person
Student Resources Section (E31-2007)
Ms. Sandy Sou

Tel:(853) 8822 9909
Fax: (853) 8822 2368
Email: sao.services@um.edu.mo

Conductor – Mr. Wilson Lo Pui Kwan

Born in Hong Kong, Willson Lo Pui Kwan was raised in Macau. He took his first piano lesson at the age of six from Helen Chong Mio Wah.  Since then, he had won several first prizes in the Macau Youth Music Competition and was awarded the Diploma of the Trinity College London.  He was enrolled in the Diploma in Conducting at the University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education following Dr. Jerome Hoberman and Prof. Raymond Fu.

Willson has started conducting since school-age and founded the Gregory Male Choir; during which he had also conducted several church choirs and played as an organist.  Besides, he had ever conducted a number of school choirs in the Inter-School Singing Competitions and had always been given compliments.  He has been an accompanist of the Macao Perosi Choir since 1998 and was awarded ‘The Prize for Excellent Accompaniment’ in the 6th China International Chorus Festival in 2002.     He joined the 7th World Symposium on Choral Music in Kyoto, Japan in 2005, where he joined the conducting master class by Masaaki Suzuji and Dan-Olof Stenlund.

Willson plays actively as a pianist, organist and conductor in Macao, Hong Kong and China.  In various concerts including the Macao Arts Festival and the Macao International Music Festival, he performed harmoniously with many international soloists and ensembles. He has cooperated and conducted many ensembles such as: The Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra, Hong Kong Methodist College Choir, Macao Chamber Orchestra (formerly the Cultural Institute of Macao), Macao Orchestra, Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra, Coro Perosi, Macau University Choir, Angeles University Choir, Escola do S.S. Rosario Children Choir Salesianos de Dom Bosco Children Choir and many other academic ensembles.

In 2003, Willson was invited to join the Hong Kong Bach Choir and Orchestra as an assistant conductor.  During which he has assisted and rehearsed many sets of large-scale chorus and symphony works including Brahms’ German Reqiuem, Bach’s Magnificat in D, the Hong Kong premieres of Tippett’s A child of our time and the world’s premiere of Hong Kong composer Joyce Wai-chung Tang’s Cold Mountain etc…  Besides, he conducts the chorus works of J.S. Bach, Edward Elgar, Claudio Monteverdi, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Arov Pärt, Górecki and Doming Lam which brought him great success. In 2006, he was commissioned by Macau University to compose an orchestra and choir work “Academic Festival” which was performed by Macau University Choir, Angeles University Choir and Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Willson created the Macao Voices in 2007 and took up the position of Music Director and Chief Conductor. At present he is the member of Royal College of Organists (RCO). Willson has a wide range of interests including, film editing, jazz music, the art of organ building, Chinese folk art and contemporary art.

2021/22 Members

  1. 呂遠盈 Loi Un Ieng
  2. 謝青蒲 Hsieh Ching Pu
  3. 謝若冰 Che Ieok Peng
  4. 林潔盈 Lam Kit Ieng
  5. 杜明洲 Du Ming Zhou
  6. 李宛真 Lee Wan Zhen
  7. 謝雨晴 Xie Yu Qing
  8. 李澤豪 Lee Chak Ho
  9. 韓昆澎 Han Kun Peng
  10. 阮心怡 Un Sam I
  11. 許家亮 Hoi Ka Leong
  12. 梁健熙 Leong Kin Hei
  13. 陳詩允 Chan Si Wan
  14. 姚昭宇 Yao Zhao Yu
  15. 宋函驍 Song Han Xiao
  16. 叢玉章 Cong Yu Zhang
  17. 蘆俊含 Lu Jun Han
  18. 蔡佳彤 Cai Jia Tong
  19. 王子川 Wang Zi Chuan
  20. 黎俊彥 Lai Chon In
  21. 許端 Xu Duan
  22. 梁仕賢 Leong Si In
  23. 張笑然 Zhang Xiao Ran
  24. 蘇怡心 Su Yi Xin
  25. 楊然 Yang Ran
  26. 鐘九兒 Zhong Jiu Er
  27. 劉思彤 Liu Si Tong
  28. 劉子樂 Liu Zi Le
  29. 吳穎恩 Ng Wing Yan
  30. 許可 Xu Ke
  31. 張瀚文 Zhang Han Wen
  32. 宋家齊 Song Jia Chi
  33. 梁家豪 Liang Jia Hao
  34. 梁藝 Liang Yi
  35. 吳媛媛 Wu Yuan Yuan
  36. 梁婧雯 Leong Cheng Man
  37. 王可心 Wang Ke Xin
  38. 劉濠靜 Lao Hou Cheng
  39. 黃嘉亮 Wong Ka Leong
  40. 蕭瑤瑤 Sio Io Io
  41. 張函琦 Zhang Han Qi
  42. 林伊靜 Lem Ee Jyn
  43. 陳揚清 Chen Yang Qing
  44. 李旭 Li Xu
  45. 張馨文 Zhang Xin Wen
  46. 胡譯丹 Hu Yi Dan
  47. 周浩宇 Chao Hou U
  48. 唐嵩翔 Tang Song Xiang
  49. 陳子晗 Chen Zi Han
  50. 黃敔煊 Huang Yu Xuan
  51. 瑪露 Maia Maria Luiza
  52. 陳淳 Chen Chun
  53. 金陽格 Jin Yang Ge
  54. 羅君鄰 Luo Jun Lin
  55. 黃睿 Huang Rui
  56. 黃慧琳 Huang Wai Lam
  57. 張薇 Cheong Mei
  58. 王奕博 Wang Yi Bo
  59. 李佳音 Li Jia Yin
  60. 彭沛夫 Peng Pei Fu
  61. 杜昊暄 Du Hao Xuan
  62. 周子晴 Chow Tsz Ching
  63. 鄭博聞 Zheng Bo Wen
  64. 王曉通 Wang Xiao Tong
  65. 李俊源 Lei Chon Un
  66. 朱若鴻 Zhu Ruo Hong
  67. 鄭純妙 Zheng Chun Miao
  68. 莫子明 Mo Zi Ming
  69. 張以帥 Cheong I Soi
  70. 吳梓喬 Ng Chi Kio
  71. 周子榆 Zhou Zi Yu
  72. 張葦杭 Zhang Wei Hang
  73. 盧柏洋 Lu Bai Yang
  74. 李羽翀 Li Yu Chong
  75. 曾曉彤 Tsang Hio Tong
  76. 王瑞童 Wang Rui Tong
  77. 黃彥禎 Huang Yan Zhen
  78. 王梓棟 Wang Zi Dong
  79. 林庭安 Lin Teng On
  80. 甄敏芳 Ian Man Fong
  81. 宋彥佑 Song Yan You
  82. 劉昊嬋 Liu Hao Chan
  83. 張雲舒 Zhang Yun Shu
  84. 李伊淇 Lei I Kei
  85. 譚卓霖 Tam Cheok Lam
  86. 甘依林 Kam I Lam
  87. 謝欣彤 Che Ian Tong
  88. 王柏雅 Wang Bo Ya
  89. 陳相逸 Chen Xiang Yi
  90. 王怡霏 Wang Yi Fei
  91. 林書瑤 Lin Shu Yao

Training Schedule:

Every Wednesday: 19:00 – 22:00, E31-G007
Every Friday: 19:30 – 22:30, E31-G007
Every Saturday: 14:30 – 17:30, E31-G007

Eligibility & Application


  • Interested in choral music
  • Absolutely available for attending our compulsory weekly trainings
  • Ability to do sign-reading (scores)
  • Prior singing experience
  • Pass an audition (audition including testing voice parts, sign-reading, and tempo)

Application Method

If you are interested in joining Choir, please fill in the application form 



DateProgrammePresented by
2021/11UM Choir Live Concert “Dreamland”UM Choir
2021/11UM Choir Singing Contest “As One”UM Choir
2021/11To the Greatest: Let me share their stories with youUM Choir
2021/06Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of University of Macau – We are UMSUUM Choir and other artists (UM students and alumnus)
2021/05The 6th National College Art ExhibitionUM Choir and other performing group from China
2021/01UM Open DayUM Choir
2020/12Campus concert  – “Star of Bethlehem”UM Choir
2020/06UM Virual Choir– “What a Wonderful World”UM Choir
2019/09Yellow River Motherland Chorus in MGM Cotai theatreUM Choir
2019/09Kowloon East District Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the PRCUM Choir
2019/08U-PerformanceUM Choir
2019/05Exchange concert with the university of PennsylvaniaUM Choir and UPenn Glee Club
2019/04Campus concert “You can’t stop the beat!”UM Choir
Campus concert “Carpe Diem”UM Choir
2018/10The 5th Beijing International Teenager Art Week – 2018 Beijing International Chorus FestivalUM Choir and other performing groups
2018/08ConvocationUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2018/05Congregation 2018UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2018/04UM Open DayUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra
UM Dance Troupe
UM Chinese Orchestra
Other artists and performing groups
2018/04UM Symphonic Band X UM Choir X SRLE Handbell Group ConcertUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
SRLE Handbell
2017/11UM Choir Campus Concert – “Stay Gold”UM Choir
2017/05Congregation 2017UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2017/04UM Choir Campus Concert – “Wandering & Wondering”UM Choir
2017/04UM Open DayUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra
Other artists and performing groups
2016/05Congregation 2016UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2016/04UM Choir Campus Concert – “With Love Along The Music Journey”UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra
2016/03UMacau 35th Anniversary— Talent ShowUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra
UM Dance Troupe
UM Chinese Music Orchestra
2016/03UM Open DayUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra
Other artists and performing groups
2015/11IFCM World Choral ExpoUM Choir
2015/10UM Cultural NightUM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
String Orchestra
UM Dance Troupe
2015/10Sinfonia de AmorUM Choir
Other artists and performing groups
2015/078th International Choir Festival Grand Prix PattayaUM Choir
2015/07Beethoven Symphony No. 9(Rangsit University)UM Choir
Other choirs from Bangkok
Siam Philharmonic Orchestra
2015/05Congregation 2015UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2015/05UM Culture & Arts Team Music Camp RecitalUM Choir
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2015/04GuitappellaUM Choir
UM Guitar Society
2015/04UM Choir Campus Concert – “Voices of Spring”UM Choir
2015/03Art Feast – Choir & String OrchestraUM Choir
String Orchestra
2014/11UM Choir 10th Anniversary Concert “Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms”UM Choir
2014/10UM Choir RoadshowUM Choir
2014/10Harmonic AcappellaUM Choir
Faith Hope & Love Harmonica Ensemble
2014/10UM Culture & Arts Festival Grand Opening ParadeUM Choir
UM Chinese Music Orchestra
UM Dance Troupe
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2014/06Congregation 2014UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2014/05Performance at the activity of European National DayUM Choir
2014/05Joint Concert with Yang-ming University Choir & Chengchi University Choir (Macau)UM Choir
Yang-ming University Choir
Chengchi University Choir
2013/12Cultural Exchange and Joint Concert with Yang-ming University Choir & Chengchi University Choir (Taiwan)UM Choir
Yang-ming University Choir
Chengchi University Choir
2013/12Campus Concert: Ever-lasting VoicesUM Choir
2013/12Congregation 2013UM Choir
UM Symphonic Band
2013/11New Campus Inauguration CeremonyUM Choir
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2013/102012/2013 Scholarship and Rector’s Honor List Presentation CeremonyUM Choir
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2013/09U-team RecruitmentCulture & Arts U-teams
2012/06Mini Concert for PG reception 2013UM Choir
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2013/05“Perfect Harmony”UM Choir
Macao Voices
2013/03UM Culture & Arts Festival 2013: “Yesterday Once More”UM Choir
HKUSU Christian Choir
2012/12Beethoven 9 (Hong Kong Cultral Centre)UM Choir
Macao Voices
The Hong Kong Bach Orchestra
The Hong Kong Bach Choir
2012/11Ceremony for Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees 2012UM Choir & Symphonic Band
2012/102012 Shanghai Jiao Tong University International Collegiate Culture and Arts FestivalUM Choir
2012/062011/2012 CongregationUM Choir
UM String Orchestra
UM Symphonic Band
2012/05A Night of Fantasy – Anime and Video Game MusicUM Choir
Macau Voices (MV)
The Macao Orchestra
2012/04Campus Road ShowUM Choir
2011/11UM 30th Anniversary Gala DinnerUM Choir
2011/08Musical Exchange Concert of Macao, Hong Kong and Nanjing Youth OrchestraUM Choir
2011/04Greeting Summer ConcertUM Choir
Dolce Voce.
2011/04A Cappella Master Class and Concert 2011Molk (Shanghai)
Mosaic (Hong Kong)
City Singer (Xiamen)
Miss Angelina Choo (Founder of The A Cappella Society in Singapore)
2010/10Joint concert for Cultural and Sport Exchange Activity with Peking UniversityUM Choir
Peking University Choir
2009/072009 A Voyage of Songs International Chorus Festival (Penang, Malaysia )UM Choir
2009/05Campus Concert in 2009 UM Cultural Arts FestivalUM Symphonic Band
UM Choir
Chorus, Military Band, Symphony Orchestra and Opera Team from Tsinghua University
2008/122008 UM Christmas ConcertUM Symphonic Band
UM Choir
2008/102008 Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella FestivalTaipei, Taiwan
2008/051st UM Chorus FestivalUM Choir
Coro De San Jacinto and Saint Paul University Philippines Chorale
2007/112007 Campus ConcertUM Symphonic Band
UM Choir
Choir from Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT)
Macao Youth Symphonic Band (YSB)
Macau Voices (MV)
2007/05Summer ConcertUM Choir
2006/102006 Campus ConcertUM Choir
Angeles University Foundation Concert Chorale
Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
2006/10Recitation of UM Choir & AUF Concert ChoraleUM Choir
Angeles University Foundation Concert Chorale