Green Building

  • The Student Activity Centre (E31) of the University of Macau received the China’s Three-Star Green Building Design Label awarded by the China Green Building Council in 2015. It is the highest-standard of green building label in the accreditation system, while the Student Activity Centre is the first building in Macao to receive this award.
  • After being the first building in Macao to be awarded the highest-standard Three-Star Green Building Design Label, E31 further received the Three-Star Green Building Operation Label awarded by the China Green Building Council in 2018, which is also the first building in Macao to receive such award. Thereby, the University received two highest-standard awards in the nation’s accreditation system.

Energy Conservative Architectural Design and Application of Renewable Energy

  • Natural ventilation has been evaluated thoroughly in the building architecture. Opening windows take up 30.77% of total window area. Building faces the south-eastern direction, which is the prevailing wind direction in summer in Macao. Interior layout has taken into account the formation of internal air flow. An even indoor flow field in the summer has been proven by analysis results of simulation.
  • Large panels of insulating glass windows were used to ensure sufficient natural lighting. 71%-80% of the functional rooms from ground floor to second floor are designed with Daylight Factor of more than 2%.
  • Adopting heat-insulating designs through the applications of aerated concrete walls, insulating glass windows, insulating rooftop, rooftop structure, and balcony shades which help to reduce the load on air-conditioning.
  • Lighting Power Density conforms to the requirements of the Chinese National Standard GB50034 “Standard for Lighting Design of Buildings”.
  • An area of 180m2 of photovoltaic power generation system is installed on the rooftop. With 105 pieces of 240Wp polycrystalline silicon solar panels, the rated total power amounts to 25,200Wp. (about 3.9% of total annual power consumption of the building).

Three-dimensional green platform and greening technology adapted to the climate

  • Through the architectural designs of green rooftop, courtyard, outdoor greening and green platform, etc., the outdoor space for student activities is made extensive.
  • Greening technology of rooftop does not only improve heat insulating performance, it also enhances the thermal environment of the immediate surrounding above the rooftop.
  • The green rooftop covers an area of about 494m2, amounting to about 8% of total rooftop area.