• Coverage

This Personal Accident Policy covers the territorial limit within the University of Macau campus and extended to cover worldwide for School Supervised Activities whilst organized by the insured (i.e. the University of Macau and Student Organizations) and during traveling to and from between the insured’s premises and the insured person’s usual residence including motorcycling.

  • Eligibility

Applicable to all registered UM students.

  • Charges – Free of charge
  • Report your accident to Student Resources Section

According to the general conditions of Students’ Personal Accident, students should REPORT and submit full particulars of the accident / injuries to the Student Affairs Office within 30 days of any accidents / injures being happened, in order to claim for the reimbursement from the insured company.

Any claims after 30 days of the accidents / injuries would not be handled.

  • After recovery…

Student should submit original receipts,original Medical Certificates and proof of recovery issued by hospitals or medical service centers at Student Activity Centre (E31, Room 2007).

  • After approval by insurance company…

After the insurance company approves the application of reimbursement, the claims will be settled by cheques, students can claim the checques at local banks with MOP account.

For reimbursement procedure, guidelines and rules, please click here.

Claim Forms

Regarding the fee for X-ray and physician’s treatment, it can only be reimbursed with doctor’s referral.

https://www.ssm.gov.mo/portal/ (Portuguese Only)
S.S.->Departamentos->Unidade Técnica de Licenciamento das Actividades e Profissões Privadas de Prestação de Cuidados de Saúde->Inquérito

When arranging students’ non-local trips, please fill in the Student Insurance Arrangement Requisition and submit it to Student Affairs Office at least 4 working days before departure.

For details, plese refer to the Guidelines on the Personal Accident Insurance for Student Non-local Trips.

Contact Person: Mr. Duncan Ho /Ms. Stella Ngai
Tel: +853 8822 9902 / +853 8822 9912
Fax: +853 8822 2368
Email: sao.services@um.edu.mo