About Symphonic Band

Established in April of 2007, the UM Symphonic Band is the unique college symphonic band among all universities in Macao SAR. It is aimed to provide formal training for interested students in the University and create a platform for them to perform and exchange,therefore promoting arts and culture in campus and boosting the development of band music in the local community. The Symphonic Band welcomes any UM members, ranging from exchanging university students from other places, students of any degrees studying in UM, and graduated students of the UM to participate in our college band.

The debut concert of UM Symphonic Band took place in November 2007. Afterwards, several large-scale performances were staged in and outside the University, such as the 6th National Inter-varsity Art Show at Chengdu, Sichuan, Healthy University Week” Launch Ceremony, UM Open Day, Charity Concert for Sichuan Earthquake Victims, Walk for a Million, UM Cultural Arts Festival, Shanghai World Expo Music Festival, Macau Band Fair, UM Congregation, UM Convocation, UM New Campus Inauguration, UM Open Day, UM 35th Anniversary Activity Series and various campus concerts. In recent time, the UM symphonic band was invited by the ChengDu government to join the “international sister cities youth music festival” to perform several concerts in different places in Chengdu during summer 2016.UM Band is also active in cooperating with other organizations, notably the UM string orchestra and other well-known musicians. For example, the UM Symphonic Band 10th anniversary concert was jointly performed with famous Taiwanese saxophone soloist LIN I-HSIANG.

The objectives of Symphonic Band are:

  • To provide a platform for band enthusiasts to perform and exchange music knowledge.
  • To improve performance and training quality of members.
  • To enhance members’ music interest, enthusiasm and build up good friendship through training and performances.
  • To promote art culture on campus and the development of local band music.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UMSymphonicBand/

Contact Person
Student Resources Section (E31-2007)
Ms. Sharon Kuok
Tel:(853) 8822 9906
Fax: (853) 8822 2368
Email: sao.services@um.edu.mo

Conductor – Mr. Leung Kin Hang

Graduated from the Macau Polytechnic, majoring in Music Education. He has been keen on music since his youth. Having been a piano student of Miss Chan Lai Meng and Mr. Leung Kun Lau, he was taught how to be a conductor by Maestro Veiga Jardim, who was the director & conductor of the Macau Chamber Orchestra then. He became a member of the Macau Police Band as a trombone player in 1981 and the deputy director of music & conductor of the band before the retirement.
Mr. Leung has been very active in Macau’s music field. He has been the freelance trombone player of Macau Chamber Orchestra since 1986. In 1990 he helped organize the band of University of Macau. In 1991, he was employed by the Macau Conservatory as a theory instructor. Since 1992 he has been the wind band instructor of a number of secondary schools. In 1996, Mr. Leung was invited by the Academy for Performing Arts in Hong Kong to be the guest conductor of the Wind Ensemble, with which he took part in a concert, tour round Singapore. There he was awarded the Gold Prize at a contest of the International Youth Music Festival.
As one of the enthusiastic promoters of wind music in Macau, Mr. Leung has, in recent years, been working with Leong Pui Long and some others in establishing the Macau Band Directors Association, the Macau Youth Symphonic Band and the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra. At the moment, Mr. Leung is an executive director member of the Asian Pacific Band Directors Association.

20 December 1999 marks the establishment day of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR). During this historical moment, Leung led the Macau Police Band to perform “National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China” in the ceremony, which is the first official ceremony in Macao S.A.R.

Assistant Conductor – Mr. Ng Sa

  • 梁健行  管樂團指揮 Leung Kin Hang  Conductor of Symphonic Band
  • 吳沙  管樂團助理指揮和小號導師 NG Sa  Assistant Conductor & Trumpet Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 高佩儀  管樂團長笛導師Kou Pui I              Flute Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 鄧凱倫  管樂團單簧管導師Tang Hoi Lon      Clarinet Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 吳佩意  管樂團法國號導師Ng Pui I French Horn Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 許莉莉  管樂團敲擊樂導師Hoi Lei Lei           Percussion Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 呂瀚章  管樂團薩克管導師Loi Hon Cheong Saxophone Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 謝慧庭  管樂團雙簧管導師 Che Wai Teng, Tina     Oboe Instructor of Symphonic Band
  • 梁沛琴  管樂團巴松管導師Leung Pui Kam    Bassoon Instructor of Symphonic Band


  1. 師 恩 澤 SHI ENZE
  2. 尉 鈺 佳 WEI YUJIA
  3. 李 旭 LI XU
  4. 丁 佩 恩 TENG PUI IAN
  5. 莊 紫 婕 ZHUANG ZIJIE
  6. 伍 珊 儀 NG SAN I
  7. 區 穎 OU YING
  8. 甘 子 霖 KAM CHI LAM
  9. 劉 梓 謙 LAO CHI HIM
  10. 張 洪 露 CHEONG HONG LOU
  11. 陳 詠 詩 CHAN WENG SI
  12. 伍 浚 铭 WU JUNMING
  13. 蕭 樂 妍 SIO LOK IN
  14. 楊 衍 能 IEONG IN NANG
  15. 吳 君 濠 NG KUAN HOU
  16. 吉 筱 詩 JI XIAOSHI
  17. 廖 彥 西 LIAO YANXI
  18. 麥 思 霖 MAK SI LAM
  19. 魏 召 霖 WEI ZHAOLIN
  20. 黃 誠 家 WONG SENG KA
  21. 陳 承 禧 CHAN SENG HEI
  22. 高 嘉 悅 KOU KA UT
  24. 蘇 政 SOU CHENG
  25. 劉 曉 秋 LAO HIO CHAO
  26. 梁 安 彤 LEUNG ON TONG
  27. 張 行 健 ZHANG XINGJIAN
  28. 馮 國 輝 FONG KUOK FAI
  29. 祝 航 正 ZHU HANGZHENG
  30. 胡 文 進 WU MAN CHON
  31. 黃 敏 倩 WONG MAN SIN
  32. 梁 裕 彬 LEONG U PAN
  33. 郭 昕 穎 GUO IAN WENG
  34. 楊 兆 龍 IEONG SIO LONG
  35. 賴 俊 軒 LAI CHON HIN
  36. 吳 昊 翔 NG HOU CHEONG
  37. 何 梓 琪 HO CHI KEI
  38. 黃 永 瑋 HUANG YUNG-WEI
  39. 吳 偉 鏵 NG WAI WA
  40. 周 澧 濬 CHAU LAI CHON
  41. 李 承 恩 LEI SENG IAN
  42. 林 月 東 LAM UT TONG
  43. 楊 運 浩 YANG YUNHAO
  45. 楊 嘉 怡 IEONG KA I
  46. 岑 世 棋 SAM SAI KEI
  47. 劉 悅 龍 LAO UT LONG
  48. 林 欣 欣 LAM IAN IAN
  49. 郭 綺 婷 KUOK I TENG
  50. 孫 嘉 豪 SUN KA HOU
  51. 羅 詠 霖 LO WENG LAM
  52. 梁 詠 彤 LEONG WENG TONG
  53. 陳 鈺 筠 CHAN IOK KUAN

Training Schedule

Every Tuesday: 19:00 – 21:00, E31 Student Activity Centre – G004

Eligibility & Applications

  • All UM students
  • Interested in symphonic band music
  • Absolutely available for attending our compulsory weekly trainings
  • Ability to do sign-reading (scores)
  • Prior symphonic band experience
  • Pass an audition (audition including testing live performance, side-reading, and tempo)

Application Method

If you are interested in joining Symphonic Band, please fill in the application form

Name of Activity


Performed by

UM Symphonic Band joined the “Pleasure in the Pandemic Joint Performance” organized by CUHK2022/05/27
  • Chinese Orchestra of Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • The MUC School of Music and Shool of Dance
  • Beihang Alumni Vocal Group
  • Chung Chi Choir, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • The Chorus and The Orchestra of The Chinese
  • University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
  • University of Macau Symphonic Band
UM String Orchestra & UM Symphonic Band: 2022 Graduation Concert


UM String Orchestra & UM Symphonic Band
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau: UM Symphonic Band Video Games Concert Concert 


UM Symphonic Band, Co-organizer: Animation and Comic Society of UMSU
The 6th National Inter-varsity Art Show –  “Greensleeves”, Chengdu, Sichuan, China


UM Symphonic Band
Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the University of Macau: UM Symphonic Band “As One” Percussion Concert


UM Symphonic Band
“Elk and Melody” Christmas Concert


UM Symphonic Band
38th Macao Young Musicians Competition
*LAO UT LONG & LAI CHON HIN – Chamber Music for Brass Instruments First Prize
*YANG YUNHAO – Chamber Music for Brass Instruments Second Prize & Trombone (Intermediate Level) Merit
*KUOK I TENG – Chamber Music for Percussion Distinction
*SUN KA HOU – Percussion (Advanced Level) Distinction
*SUN KA HOU, LEI HIO U, LEONG WENG TONG – Chamber Music for Percussion Distinction


UM Symphonic Band
 “Rhymes in Antique” Concert


UM Symphonic Band
2018/19 Graduation Concert “Amigos”


UM Symphonic Band
“Viagem” Concert


UM Symphonic Band & CUHK Wind Orchestra
Conferment of Honorary and Higher Degrees 2018


UM Symphonic Band
“The Fall of Snow” Concert


UM Symphonic Band
UM First Flag-Raising Ceremony


UM Symphonic Band & UM National Flag Team
UM Symphonic Band X UM Choir X SRLE Handbell Group Concert


UM Symphonic Band, UM Choir & SRLE Handbell Choir
“Percussion War” Concert


UM Symphonic Band Percussion Section
UM Symphonic Band 10th Anniversary Series: “Movies in Concert”


UM Symphonic Band
“The Future of Classical Music” Concert


UM String Orchestra, UM Symphonic Band, Macao Orchestra and other youths
UM Open Day 2017


UM Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Dance Troupe, Magic Team, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
10th Anniversary Concert Series: Graduation Concert


UM Symphonic Band
UM Symphonic Band 10th Anniversary Concert


UM Symphonic Band, Saxophone Soloist – LIN I-HSIANG and Singer CHO RIREN
UM Symphonic Band Christmas Prelude


UM Symphonic Band
2016 Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Festival

2016/07/27 – 2016/08/02

UM Symphonic Band
UM Congregation 2016


UM Choir & Symphonic Band
UM Cultural Saloon Lecture Series 5 – “The Tao of Conducting”


UM String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
Joint-concert of UM Symphonic Band & HK Basic Notes Jazz Ensemble


UM Symphonic Band & HK Basic Notes Jazz Ensemble
UM 35th Anniversary Talent Show


UM Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Dance Troupe, Magic Team, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
UM Open Day


UM Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Dance Troupe, Magic Team, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
UM 35th Anniversary Opening Ceremony


UM Symphonic Band
Ceremony for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Higher Degrees


UM Choir & Symphonic Band
UM Cultural Night


UM Choir, Chinese Music Orchestra, Dance Troupe, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
UM Convocation 2015


UM Choir & Symphonic Band
Art Fever


UM Choir, Chinese Music Orchestra, Dance Troupe, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
2014/2015 Congregation


UM Symphonic Band
Music Camp Recital


UM Choir, String Orchestra & Symphonic Band
Art Feast


UM Symphonic Band
“When Princess Mononoke Meets the Dinosaurs” Campus Concert


UM Symphonic Band
UM Culture & Arts Festival Closing Concert


UM Symphonic Band
UM Culture & Arts Festival 2014 – Grand Opening Parade


Culture & Arts University Teams
UM Symphonic Band Campus Concert – The Growth


UM Symphonic Band
UM Symphonic Band Christmas Concert


UM Symphonic Band
Joint-concert by UM Symphonic Band and Tainan University Symphonic Band


UM Symphonic Band & Tainan University Symphonic Band
“Where is the Santa Claus” Campus Concert


UM Symphonic Band
2011/2012 UM Congregation


UM Symphonic Band
The 5th Anniversary of UM Symphonic Band: 

“Spring Fairy”


UM Symphonic Band
30th Anniversary Celebratory Activity Series – “Next Movement”


UM Symphonic Band
30th Anniversary Gala Dinner of the University of Macau


UM Choir & Symphonic Band
Macau Band Directors Association – Macau Band Fair 2011


UM Symphonic Band
Love Concert


UM Symphonic Band
“Music” Indoor Concert


UM Symphonic Band
“Winds Music in May” 2010 cum Pre-tour Concert for Shanghai World Expo Music Festival


UM Symphonic Band
2009 UM Cultural Arts Festival – UM Power! Mini Shows


UM Symphonic Band
Christmas Concert 2009


UM Symphonic Band
“Percussive Rhythm” – Percussion Concert


Percussion Section of UM Symphonic Band
2008 UM Christmas Concert


UM Choir & Symphonic Band
2008 Campus Concert (II) – “Winds Music in May”


UM Symphonic Band
2007 Campus Concert


Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), Macao Youth Symphonic Band (YSB), Macau Voices (MV) , UM Choir and UM Brass Band