Important Notice before making PGH application:

  • Due to the limited number of bed spaces in PGH, the University ensures bed spaces for the new non-local students in their first year of study in postgraduate programmes.  The PGH applications of the other grades of postgraduate students may not be approved, particularly for those whose programmes of study are beyond the normal study period. The Student Resources Section allocates bed spaces according to the bed spaces allocation priority sequence stated in the PGH Rules. In addition, PGH point will also be considered as a reference standard. Students who with a negative points also have a lower priority to be allocated for bed spaces.
  • Besides the submission of PGH application, students is also required to acknowledge the PGH Move-in Declaration. The PGH application will be completed only after the submission of the declaration.
  • Students must approach PGH to perform the move-in procedure in person starting from the approved move-in date. If students are not able to move in within 14 days of the approved move-in date, there will be no bed space reserved for arrival.
  • PGH residence fee is charged by semester. Students are required to fully pay the residence fee of the semester if s/he move in or move out at any day of the semester. For details of PGH fees and refunds, please refer to “Accommodation Fee & Charges.
  • The debit note for PGH residence fee will be issued to your UM account in the Student Information Web Services around 1 month after the completion of move-in procedure. Please pay attention to it.
  • Starting from academic year 2018/2019, students can only stay in single rooms and suites for one academic year (i.e., from summer stay (Jun) to 2nd semester (May)). No matter which month students move in the single rooms or suites, the single rooms and suites (including medical reasons) will be reallocated all over again in Jun every year.
  • Currently single rooms and suites are fully occupied. When there are available bed spaces, vacancies will be opened for application. In general, only one room change application will be open for each semester, the specific date will be subject to the announcement in due course. If the number of applicants is more than our number of vacancies, the Postgraduate House point system or lucky draw will be adopted to determine successful applicants. Any room changing request received before/after the room changing application period will not be entertained.
  • Married couples are eligible for suites only if both individuals are registered UM postgraduate students. If any one of the individuals does not continue registering as UM postgraduate student, the married couple shall move-out from the suite. The individual who is still registering as UM postgraduate student will be assigned to a bed space in a shared room.
  • Cancellation must be sent to in advance of the approved move-in date. Otherwise the refund amount (if any) will be affected.
  • Students must live in the designated rooms as assigned by the Student Resources Section (SRS). SRS has the rights to arrange and rearrange bed spaces for students.
  • The Student Housing staff do their best to match students according to the sleeping times indicated on the PGH applications, but cannot be guaranteed. Please understand that personal behaviors change from time to time.
  • In order to implement large scale maintenance and deep cleaning, all students staying in PGH need to be rearranged to another bed spaces during summer time. 
  • Students must reserve the move-out procedure at the Management Company at least 72 hours (3 days) before the move-out time/date, if not, a handling fee of MOP500 will be charged. Receipt will be issued by the Management Company after the appointment made (please keep it for further reference). For example, if a student would like to move out on 31 Jul (11:00am), s/he shall make the reservation via the Management Company on/before 28 Jul (11:00am).
  • Students who have NOT moved out by the deadline, besides residence fee, overstay penalty will be imposed until completion of move out procedure / PGH application of coming semester / summer stay. The overstay penalty ranges from MOP140 to MOP400, depending on the room type.
  • Only students with student statuses “active” are allowed to stay in PGH.  Students must move out PGH after their statuses change to “graduated”, “withdrawal”, “deferred” and “inactive”, etc., PGH will inform the concerned students the move-out date so that they can proceed all the move-out procedures.
  • Students are responsible to visit the website of PGH Student Housing to understand the PGH fees and charges, and guidelines and rules.
  • Starting from March 2019, all postgraduate students are required to submit application within the application period. Late application will NOT be considered and entertained. Even if students are willing to accept the related penalties, SRS will not entertain. Please pay close attention to Student e-bulletin. Any decision made by the Student Resources Section shall be final.
  • Below is the application schedule for your reference:
Application Schedule
Application for Summer Stay and 1st Semester – Application details will be announced in the Bulletin.– Please note that due to the limited bed spaces, it is not guaranteed that all the received accommodation applications will be approved.– Late application will NOT be considered and entertained. Any decision made by the Student Resources Section shall be final.
Application for 2nd Semester

(Only applicable to the application period as stated in the above schedule. Application result will only be sent to students’ UM mailbox)

Please refer to the coming student e-bulletin:

1. Log in the link as stated in the student e-bulletin with your student I.D. and password;
2. Fill in the form;
3. Ensure the application information is filled correctly before submission as changes are not allowed once the submission is made;
4. Upon completion, click “Submit
5. A confirmation email will be sent to your student’s UM mail if your application is successfully submitted. Otherwise, please review your application and re-submit it again.


  • Due to the limited number of bed spaces in PGH, the received accommodation application is not guaranteed for approval, it is subject to availability.
  • Students should read and complete the form carefully.
  • Please ensure the application information is filled correctly before submission, no change is allowed after submission.
  • The alert will pop-up at the top-left corner if there is any missing field.
  • This form serves as application only, the final arrangement is subject to availability and lucky draw (when the number of applicants exceeds the number of available beds).
  • Late application will NOT be considered and entertained or subject to penalties.
  • Any decision made by the Student Resources Section shall be final.