Overview of Macau Residential Rental

Macao Special Administrative Region is mainly comprised of the Macao Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane and the reclaimed area of COTAI. The campus of the University of Macau is in Taipa. The monthly rental rate of two or three bedrooms apartment in urban area ranges from MOP6,000 to MOP15,000, depending on the area and the size of the apartment. Tenants should choose the area according to their needs and financial abilities. In addition, tenants are generally required to pay a service fee (commission) equivalent to one month’s rent to the estate agent company. Moreover, tenants are also required to pay two months’ rent as deposit and one month’s rent as advance payment to the landlord.

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Tips for Residential Leasing in Macau (for reference only)

  • The rent is always calculated on monthly basis and usually quoted in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).
  • Be aware of the price of the rent and choose the apartment which you can afford, also pay attention whether management fee or miscellaneous fee are included in the rent when you take a lease. The management fee is usually borne by the landlord.
  • Check whether the room layout, size and number of rooms are sufficient. Generally, the rent for a flat with furniture and electrical appliances is about HKD 1,000 higher. You should double check whether the list of furniture and appliances are included in the lease agreement or not. If there is any damage under normal use, you can contact the landlord for repair
  • When the tenant pays the deposit at the estate agent company, both the landlord and the tenant pay half of the service fee (commission) to the estate agent company first, and the remaining half of the service fee will be paid when both parties have signed the lease agreement.
  • Before signing the contract, the tenant should ask the landlord to show the documentary proof, such as the Property Registration Report issued by Macau Land and Real Estate Registry Office (CRPM) or proof of payment in order to prevent the imitations of owner. When both parties agree on the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, both parties can sign the lease in triplicate, specifying all the basic conditions, and the tenant should pay two months’ rent as deposit and one month’s rent to the landlord. The deposit will be refunded to the tenant without interest when the property is returned to the landlord at the end of the lease term (after deducting all the miscellaneous charges, such as water and electricity fee).
  • If there is no time frame stated in the lease agreement, then by law it will be considered the agreement to be valid for one year (except when specified).
  • Student visas and travel documents may be required to be provided to the landlord for tax filing purposes.
  • After the lease agreement was signed by both parties, the landlord should hand over all the keys of the property to the tenant. The tenant should check the apartment carefully to make sure all the furniture and appliances are in good condition (recommend to take photos for record) which aligned with the signed agreement before receiving the keys.
  • The law requires that the rent should be paid on the first effective date of the agreement, unless otherwise specified by the parties. In normal circumstances, the landlord may grant the tenant a free decoration period, usually three to five days, depending on whether the apartment is decorated and furnished.
  • The rent may be adjusted only under by law or mutual agreement.
  • The law provides that both parties of the lease agreement may revoke the lease by agreement. In other words, if either party proposes to terminate the agreement and the other party does not object, the lease may be annulled by agreement at any time, regardless whether the lease term will expire.
  • If either party does not wish to renew the lease upon its expiration, the other party must be notified in writing at least a period of time prior to the expiration. For leases of three months or more and less than one year, the statutory advance notice period is 30 days. However, the landlord has no right to unilaterally terminate the lease with the tenant if it is less than two years from the commencement of the lease to the expiration of the lease or to the expiration of the renewal period; on the contrary, the tenant is not limited to this two-year period. When the tenant moves out, the tenant shall pay off the water, electricity bills and other miscellaneous charges, return the apartment to its original condition, and return all keys to the landlord.
  • If you have applied other services, such as Wi-Fi, you should be aware that the service contract is generally for one year and you will be charged for the rest of the contract if you withdraw the service within the contract period.

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