About Chinese Orchestra

The development and promotion of Chinese Music becomes more appreciated during these years. As the top University in Macao, promoting Chinese Music on the campus will be one of the major objectives in the cultural art aspect.

UM Chinese Orchestra (UMCO) was found in 2010. With the support of ICM, the orchestra now is practicing with professional tutors. It gave its first concert in 2010 under the conduction of the current conductor Mr. Chong Kit Pai and holds 2 or more regular concerts in the university every year to enrich the student university life. The group also visited Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanyang Technological University, Ocean University of China, Xian Jiao Tong University Xiamen University and Zhejiang University to have the joined performances with their groups. The group is now having more than 50 members from different majors.

Contact Person
Student Resources Section (E31-2007)
Ms. Sandy Sou
Tel:(853) 8822 9909
Fax: (853) 8822 2368
Email: sao.services@um.edu.mo

Conductor and Instructors of UM Chinese Orchestra:

ConductorChong Kit Pai
Assistant ConductorSio Ian Son
Pipa InstructorDeng Le
Erhu InstructorJiang Xiao Dong
Flute InstructorQian Qing
Percussion InstructorLi Chang
Yangqin InstructorChan Hio Iong
Sheng InstructorJia Lei
Ruan InstructorChoo Boon Yeow
Liu InstructorWei Qing

Zhuang Jiepai

National percussionists. In 1966 he graduated from art school in Fujian opera music specialist. He was the drummer of many professional institutions in Fujian and other provinces In 1983 he moved to Macau. After 1987, the establishment of the Macao Chinese Orchestra, he became the percussion musician of the Macao Chinese Orchestra. Repeatedly toured Portugal, Belgium, India and many cities in mainland China, as the solo, trio and ensemble musicians and done many other forms of performance, and is widely praised and commended.

Zhuang is now a member of Chinese Musician Association; the director of China National Society of Professional Committee of Orchestra; the director of Percussion Professional Committee, President of Macao Association of Chinese ethnic music.

Sio Ian Son

He was part of the Macao Chinese Orchestra as a percussion musician and received multiple Gold and Silver prizes in the Macao Young Musicians Competition (Chinese Instrument category) for percussion. In 2007, he also received a Gold prize for his performance in an Art Festival held in Beijing. He also toured various places in Mainland China with Macao Chinese Orchestra for performances and recordings.

He is currently a teacher at DSEDJ, Chief Supervisor of Macao Chinese Percussion Association, Vice President of Macao Association of Chinese ethnic music and holds positions in various education associations in Macao. Since 2021, he became the Assistant Conductor of UM Chinese Orchestra.

Deng Le

Born in 1983,DENG LE started learning the PIPA at five years old, and was enrolled by primary schools attached to Central Conservatory of Music. She finished her high school and bachelor degree with high distinction and was recommend for admission to the master degree in 2004.  DENG LE was the PIPA principle in the Chinese youth national orchestra. During the academia, she followed the famous PIPA musician Prof.ZHANGQIANG and supervised by Mr.LIU DEHAI and Mr. LI GUANGHUA.

Chen Xiaorong

Graduated from the Music Department of Fujian Normal University bachelor’s degree. She loves music and started to learn Yangqin at seven. From the age of ten, she has participated in many performances. In 1980, she moved to Macao with her family and active in the music industry. She got an opportunity of Gui Xi Li and Li Xiaogang’s guide of playing Yangqin and her playing techniques become more sophisticated and matured, also gradually form a distinct playing style.  She joined the Macao Chinese Orchestra from 1987 and offen perform in Portugal, Belgium, India, China and other places. She also plays as a soloist and always get the audience praised.

In addition to focusing on performances, she also committed to youth music culture. As a Yangqin teacher of the Macao Conservatory starting from 1990, she has cultivated large number of outstanding students and many of them had received the Macao Young Musicians Competition award.

She is currently the Founding Chairman of Macao Chinese Music Association, the Honorary Chairman of Macao Yangqin Association, the Honorary Director of Yangqin Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, Yangqin research member of Chinese Musicians’ Association.

Jiang Xiaodong

Ms Jiang started to learn erhu from 8 years old and under the tutelage of Yang Yumin. She won the erhu performance award in the Dandong Art Show as the member of primary school Chinese Orchestra. In 1990 she was admitted to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music high school, in 1993 was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music and under the tutelage of famous erhu virtuoso educator, Professor Liu Changfu. During the period of school, she participated in the Youth National Orchestra and participated in performances and recordings many times, such as the “Shenzhen Art Festival”, “Singapore Arts Festival” and so on. 1997 became a member of the Beijing City Opera and folk music and often performed for the national leaders, also participate in various large-scale social performance. In 2002 she visited South Korea with the delegation of Beijing Municipal Cultural Bureau.

In June 2004 she joined the Macao Chinese Orchestra. Now she is a musicians of Erhu, and is the tutor of Macao conservatory.

Wei Qing

New star of Liuqin pergormance in China. Ms Wei started to learn liuqin in her childhood and under the tutelage of Zhou Changhua. She was admitted to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music high school at the first place. After graduated, she was admitted to Central Conservatory of Music and under the tutelage of famous liuqin virtuoso educator, Professor Zhang Xinhua. She also won the scholarship of the University. After accomplishing her bachelor degree in Central Conservatory of Music, she joined the Macao Chinese Orchestra and became the chief liuqin musician. In 2015, she began the master studying in liuqin performance and under the tutelage of Ms Wang Hongyi.

Now she is the chief liuqin musician in Macao Chinese Orchestra; the director of China National Society of Professional Committee of Orchestral Liuqin; the director of Zhuhai Musician Admission. She also won the first prize of the first China Liuqin Competition. She is also an instructor for the Chinese Music Orchestra in University of Macau.

Li Chang

He is currently the chief percussion musician in Macau Chinese Music Orchestra. He began to learn percussion in his early childhood and has been guided by many percussion masters. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China. Li Chang once served as chief percussion musician in China Youth National Orchestra and had been invited as a soloist in various music festivals. He now is the honorary director of China National Society of Professional Committee of Orchestral Percussion; the director of Macau China National Music Association and Macau Chinese Percussion Association. He is also a part-time instructor for the Chinese Music Orchestra in University of Macau.

Choo Boonyeow

Comes from Johor, Malaysia. Now works as a musician in Macau Chinese Orchestra, a professional instructor at Macao Conservatory, and a student instructor at University of Macau.He graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, under the instruction of Professor Xu Yang.
Choo started to learn Ruan at the age of sixteen, under the instruction of Ms. Zhang Ronghui, Ruan Principal of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Choo came to Beijing in 2005 and continued his music career in Beijing Central Conservatory of Music. Choo joined the Macao Chinese Orchestra in October 2009 and successfully held his solo concert “Choo Boonyeow RuanYu Concert” in Macao 2016.

Qian Qing

Mr Qian started to learn Dizi from 7 years old and under the tutelage of Jiang Zhichao in 1994.  He was admitted into the Central Conservatory of Music and under the tutelage of famous Dizi  virtuoso educator, Professor Yuan Feifan and Zeng Yongqing . He participated in the Youth National Orchestra and participated in performances and recordings many times in 2001 and he was the chief of Dizi for a long time .He used to performed in Japan and HongKong.

In July 2004 he joined the Macao Chinese Orchestra. Now he is a musicians of Dizi, and is the tutor of Macao conservatory.

Jia Lei

1998 graduated from China Conservatory of Music, traditional instrumental department, currently the member of The Chinese Musicians’ Association Folk Wind Music Research Society and the member of Sheng Professional Committee.

Jia loves music from his early childhood and started learning Sheng from 1987. He once served as chief Sheng musician in China Conservatory of Music Youth Orchestra.
After graduating in 1998, he was admitted by China Opera and Ballet Orchestra, and has performed in Hong Kong and Thailand. He has followed the China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra to attend to the performance in Golden Concert Hall twice in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Then he was transferred to the China Central Chinese Orchestra in 2001, and followed it to visited Japan, Korea, Greece, France and Russia, with very favorable comments from audiences. He has been in the Macau Chinese Orchestra from 2004, in which he is the captain of Sheng part.

Members of 2021/22

  1. 何丞軒 HO SENG HIN
  2. 李越 LI YUE
  4. 崔悦熙 CUI YUEXI
  5. 倪程 NI CHENG
  6. 楊洛依 YANG LUOYI
  9. 馬志游 MA CHI IAO
  10. 楊晗琦 YANG HAN QI
  11. 麥栩菲 MAI XUFEI
  12. 姚宇同 YAO YUTONG
  14. 祁瑞 QI RUI
  15. 侯静怡 HOU JING YI
  17. 高梓晗 GAO ZIHAN
  18. 李佳恒 LI JIAHENG
  19. 李九霖 LI JIULIN
  20. 安楠 AN NAN
  21. 薛索爾丹尼斯 SOL DENISE XUE
  22. 陳慧芳 CHAN WAI FONG
  23. 趙樂怡 CHIO LOK I
  24. 許婷儀 HOI TENG I
  25. 黃詠童 VONG WENG TONG
  26. 高慈君 GAO CIJUN
  27. 吳鍶楠 WU SINAN
  28. 王悦含 WANG YUEHAN
  29. 吳佶蔚 WU JIEWEI
  30. 余若木 YU RUOMU
  32. 王巍子 WANG WEI ZI
  33. 李玉娟 LI YUJUAN
  34. 楊昕 YANG XIN
  35. 屈藝佳 QUYIJIA
  36. 王小赛 WANG XIAOSAI
  37. 張洺銖 ZHANG MING ZHU
  38. 林婧睿 LIN JING RUI
  39. 廖梓叡 LIU TSZ YUI
  40. 黃文嘉 WONG MAN KA
  41. 王林簡 WANG LIN JIAN
  42. 楊博涵 YANG BO HAN
  43. 花翊寧 HUA YI NING
  44. 劉家瑋 LAO KA WAI
  45. 張思凡 ZHANG SIFAN
  47. 周思含 ZHOU SIHAN
  48. 劉格安 LAU KAK ON
  49. 史藝茗 SHI YUMING
  50. 王妮娜 WANG NINA
  51. 閆桐 YAN TONG
  52. 姚燕 YAO YAN
  53. 徐棱孜 XU LING ZI
  54. 魏子惠 WEI ZI HUI
  55. 梁皓琳 LEUNG HO LAM
  56. 付傲蕾 FU AO LEI
  57. 唐菀楨 TANG WAN ZHEN
  58. 宋晨飛 SONG CHEN FEI

Training Schedule:
Team Training – 5 hours per week
Section Training – 3 hours per week

Team Training Time:
Saturdays 19:00 – 22:00
Sundays   10:00 – 12:00 

Section Training Time: 
Monday – Friday afternoon: Pipa, Liuqin, Erhu, Percussion Music, Sheng, Guzheng, Ruan
Saturday morning: Pipa, Yangqin
Sunday evening: Flute

Eligibility & Application

Students who are

  • Interested in Chinese Music and performance
  • Having foundation of Chinese Music
  • Able to be on time for the team training and section training
  • Having a sense of responsibility
  • Able to pass the interview at the beginning of every semester

The Orchestra is now recruiting students who have experience in Huqin, Pipa, Liuqin, Yangqin, Suona, Sheng, Flute, Cello, Double Bass and Percussion.


Students who are interested can fill in the application form or contact Ms. Sandy Sou at Student Resources Section.
Please click here to download the application form

YearPerformance & Activities
UM Chinese Orchestra Concert “金玉之聲”
UM Chinese Orchestra Concert “山河雅韻”
UM Chinese Orchestra Concert 《學、友》
UM Open Day Performance
UM 40th Anniversary Opening Ceremony Performance
UM Chinese Orchestra Concert “花好月圓”
HFPJC High Table Dinner Performance
2020UM Chinese Orchestra Online Performance“戰役歸來”
University of Macau Open Day
The UM Night of Embracing the Mother Land with Beijing and Zhejiang Students
UM Chinese Orchestra Concert“進擊Macau”
UM Chinese Orchestra Campus  Exchange Concert“澳馬熏風”
2019Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Cultural and Arts Festival
The 3rd “Return of Kings” International Varsity Debating Contest 2018 and “Chinese Debate and Chinese Culture” Forum Opening Ceremony Performance 
UM Campus Cultural & Arts Flash Mob
UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert“玉門春風”
2018UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert“晚秋-宜撫琴”
Mainland China & Macao Higher Education Expo Opening Ceremony Performance
Performance for the First Forum for Heads of Higher Education Institutions of China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries
UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert“聞樂尋春”
Performance on Welcome Dinner for University of Macau Rector Yonghua Song
University of Macau Open Day
UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert“秋未央·樂縱揚”
2017Performance on the unveiling ceremony for The Wall of Great Wisdom
Chinese Music Concert “青春綻放3”
Exchange with Xiamen University
 University of Macao Open day
 UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert  “追憶似水年華”
 Exchange with Xi’an Jiao Tong University
2016 Anniversary dinner of University of Macao
 UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert “塞下秋來”
 University of Macau Open Day
 UM 35th Anniversary Talent Show
 UM Chinese Orchestra Campus Concert“春日暢想”
 Chinese Music Concert “青春綻放2” at Macao Cultural Centre
2015 Performance on UM Honorary Degrees Luncheon 
 UM Cultural Night
 UM Open Day
 The Music of Dream in Macau
2014 Performance on UM Honorary Degrees Luncheon 
 UM Cultural Night
 UM Open Day
 The Music of Dream in Macau
 Performance on UM Honorary Degrees Luncheon
 Performace on “澳門教育界慶祝建國65週年暨澳門迴歸15週年嘉年華”
 Exchange with Nanyang Polytechnic University
 Joint performance of UM Chinese Music Group and Ocean University of China Chinese Orchestra
 Joint performance of UM Chinese Music Group and Nanyang Polytechnic Chinese Orchestra
 UM Open Day
 “踏雪尋梅” Chinese Music Concert
2013Chinese Music Workshop with Pui Ching Middle School and Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College
Congregation in UM
 The New Campus Inauguration of the University of Macau
 “青花懸想”Chinese Music Concert
Exchange with Exchange with Beijing Tsinghua University
2012Joint performance of UM Chinese Music Group and Tsinghua Chinese Orchestra
 “Dunhuang Dream” Chinese Music Concert
 “Obsession ” Chinese Music Concert
2011“Archaism ” Chinese Music Concert
2010“The Sound of Footsteps” Chinese Music Concert