Chon Chit TANG
Chon Chit TANGFaculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)
Jie XU
Jie XUFaculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)
Distinguished Professor
Dean of FAH, Director of Confucius Institute
Jacky Fok Loi HONG
Jacky Fok Loi HONGFaculty of Business Administration (FBA)
Professor in Management
Head of Department of Management and Marketing
Director of Accreditations
Zhaotong LIAN
Zhaotong LIANFaculty of Business Administration (FBA)
Full Professor
Associate Dean (Research)
Bing WEI
Bing WEIFaculty of Education (FED)
Associate Professor
Programme Coordinator of Gradudate Programmes

Guokai CHEN
Guokai CHENFaculty of Health Sciences (FHS)
Associate Dean (Teaching)
Xuanjun ZHANG
Xuanjun ZHANGFaculty of Health Sciences
Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)
Associate Professor
Chaoyang JIANG
Chaoyang JIANGFaculty of Law (FLL)
Programme Coordinator of Master of Law (Chinese Language)
Associate Director of Centre for Constitutional Law and Basic Law Studies
Chen Ni
Chen NiFaculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Kin Sun CHAN
Kin Sun CHAN Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
Assistant Professor
Program Coordinator, Master in Public Administration

Kun Pang KOU
Kun Pang KOUFaculty of Science and Technology (FST)
Pak Kin WONG
Pak Kin WONGFaculty of Science and Technology (FST)
Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)
Yuanjia HU
Yuanjia HUInstitute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)
Associate Professor
Programme Coordinator of Medicinal Administration
Ging CHANInstitute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)
Maggie Xiaoqing FU
Maggie Xiaoqing FUFaculty of Business Administration
Associate Professor in Finance
Chao WANGFaculty of Law
Associate Professor
Associate Director, Centre for Constitutional Law and Basic Law Studies
Program Coordinator (Academic Cooperation)
SIO, Chio Ieong
SIO, Chio IeongFaculty of Arts and Humanities
Alice Si Man LEI
Alice Si Man LEIFaculty of Education
Water Soi Po WONG
Water Soi Po WONG Faculty of Education