In order to facilitate mainland undergraduate freshmen on the medical examination and complete the registration successfully, Student Resources Section will arrange the medical examinations at Kiang Wu Hospital. The date of the exam and meeting place will be announced in due course.

Required documents for Medical Examination:

  • The identification document used when entering Macau and its copy. (e.g. Two-way Exit Permit)
  • Tetanus vaccination records.
  • The University of Macau Medical Examination Form (Please check whether the contents on first page are filled, including personal information, questions, pasted photo and student’s signatures).

Please note the following:

  • Fasting is not necessary for the exam.
  • Students with myopia should not wear contact lens, please wear glasses instead.
  • For students who are expecting menstrual period, please be reminded that you can only have the urinalysis after three days of your period. Those who could not complete this item are required to return to the hospital to complete the exam, otherwise the hospital will not issue the report.
  • For students who are pregnant, please be reminded that you cannot take the X-ray examination.
  • The chest radiograph must be completed in Kiang Wu Hospital.
  • The basic medical exam (urinalysis, chest radiograph etc.) will cost around MOP400 and the cost of tetanus vaccine will be around MOP100 (only necessary if the student could not prove that the vaccine was taken before).

Note: The new mainland postgraduate students need to conduct the medical examination at the following locations by themselves:

  • Macau Kiang Wu Hospital
  • Any Health Center of Macau Health Bureau

If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.